About: Rose Woodruff, Cht, CINHC, CLC, CIHt, CPTF
Consulting Hypnotist, Health & Life Coach-WA State Registered: HP 60135052
In addition, she wrote and lead a Women's Sexual Abuse Support Group which met and
fulfilled her goals and those of the individuals.

By 2009, she began and completed training in a 150 hour course in hypnosis & NLP and
graduated from the NW Hypnosis Institute, Inc located in Portland, Oregon and is an
active member of the
National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. Now she helps people when
everything else has failed!

In Jan of 2010, she became registered in the state of Washington and now actively
practices as a Registered Consulting Hypnotist helping people with 'Improving Mood',
'Attitude', 'Motivation', 'Changing Behaviours', and 'Overcoming Habits and Fears'. With
plans to continue her education in hypnosis, she has earned extra certificates to help
children and adults who have concerns
with Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
Stroke, Cancer and with Weight Loss using the special Sheila Granger's 'Virtual Gastric
Band' program. In addition, Rose is trained to help with many other l
ife challenges.

In June of 2012, Rose also earned a certificate as a
Life Coach through Steve  G. Jones
to add another dimension to help people reach their goals!

Rose has also accomplished a life goal of becoming an Ordained Minister.  She first
became ordained through the Universal Life Church in Seattle, WA   in Dec of 2009. Her
credentials are now with Rose Ministries located in Nevada.  As a Minister, she also
loves to provide spiritual support as well as lead Women's Support Groups.

Then, in Jan. 2015, Rose became a Certified Passion Test Facilitator. Through their New
York Times bestseller,
The Passion Test, Janet Bray
Attwood and Chris Attwood have inspired thousands to create the life of their dreams
by discovering their passions and living according to what matters most to them. As a
result, now the certified Passion Test Facilitators have tools to help their clients
identify their top five passions too. And so Rose now takes her clients through the
Passion Test processes where they learn exactly how to align their lives with what
matters most to them by following the Attwood's easy-to-follow step-by-step program of
action. As a Passion Test Facilitator, Rose is fulfilling all 5 of her Passions which
includes her passion to  have "Fun!"  Jack Canfield, author of 'Chicken Soup For The
Soul', shared about 'The Passion Test' . . ."It's simple, it's easy, and it's PROFOUND!"

And, more recently, Rose became a Certified Instruction (CI) with the National Guild of
Hypnotists on February 25th, 2016, as she completed a course by Don Mottin, the Vice
President of the Guild, to now teach the 120 hour Hypnotism Certification course
approved by The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. If you are interested in becoming a
professional Consulting
Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist, feel free to contact Rose at: (360)

And now, Rose has become a
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, as of Nov.
21st, 2017 with 761 course hours,
through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in
which she attended a year long
Nutrition & Holistic Health training. You can visit her
Health Coach website at:  

Rose loves to help ordinary people with ordinary problems and is a firm believer in the
saying: "What your mind can conceive, you can achieve!"
Change of Mind Hypnosis
Rose, thoroughly enjoys working with and helping
people and has been since at least 1982 when she
started volunteering in Children's Church activities
and then in her own children's schools.

From 1989-92, she volunteered in a local Women's
Resource Center in Columbia County, Oregon,
where her duties included being a Crisis Counselor
& Advocate, Community Outreach person, and she
led Peer Support Groups.
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'Change of Mind?'
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