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Money . . . Money . . . Money! Money!
I've found MONEY to be such an interesting subject! One of the biggest
reasons a person struggles with money issues is simply because of their
limiting beliefs around it!

Once I was standing behind a young mother and her little son in line at a
local store and had the opportunity to experience the passing on of a
limiting belief between the mother and her child.

Apparently the little boy had asked his mother for a new toy car.  Instead of
simply telling him, "No. Not now!", her angry response was that they couldn't
afford to buy toys whenever they wanted.  PLUS, she stated, he "kept
breaking his toys and . . . someday he would find himself living under a
bridge with all his broken toys!"

Now, after hearing the mother's dialog, I too could visualize this little boy,
one day as an adult . . . living under a bridge, poor, and yet, he would at
least have all his broken toys with him . . . since his loving mother told him
he would!

As little sponges through our youth, we were easily programed with a wide
variety of interesting beliefs around money.


  • Money doesn't grow on trees!
  • Money is the root of all evil!
  • You can't have that. STOP asking!
  • If you love me, you will show me by providing for me!
  • You must think I'm made of money and I'm not!

There are so many more limiting beliefs around money which most people
have entertained on some level throughout their lives. If you are ready to
release some of your limiting beliefs around money, feel free to text or email
me to set up an appointment today.