Change of Mind Hypnosis
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Hypnotist, Certified Health & Life Coach:

My office is located in the central Vancouver area by the Vancouver Mall
right off of SR-500. For those with special needs who may be home-bound, I
am also available to work at your residence if you desire or I am available
via Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Google! Please inquire first for available
dates and times.

Payment for my services is due at your appointment. As a Health / Life Coach
and Consulting Hypnotist, I am not able to bill insurance and my clients are
expected to pay for my services directly with cash, check or credit card. I
accept online payments through PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal
account to pay by credit card through their banking system.

My price is per hour or per package as listed below. First appointments are
scheduled for two hours. All other appointments are scheduled for one to
two hours.

During your first appointment, expect to fill out paperwork and then we will
talk about your goals. Also expect to be hypnotized during your first
appointment when purchasing a hypnosis package.

Please call or text me at (360) 356-4986. You can also
email me if you have
any questions.
My packages:
Looking For A Successful
'Change of Mind?'
Call me today to discuss
your hypnosis goals!
Text or call:
(360) 356-4986

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This site is owned by: Rose Woodruff, WA State Registered, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Health Coach, Life Coach & Trainer
located at: 9330 Vancouver Mall Dr Ste 207, Vancouver, Washington 98662, Clark County (360) 356-4986
She serves all of the SW Washington and Portland Metro Areas as well as online clients.
Weight Loss: 6 Consecutive Week Sheila Granger "Virtual Gastric Band"
Hypnosis ONLY program - (9 hrs) $1,350                                                                
(6 session package. $100 discount when pre-paid in full)
Weight Loss: 6 month Hypnosis & Health Coach program - (17 hrs) $3,750    
(14 session package. $100 discount when pre-paid in full)
Health Coach: 6 month program - (16 hrs) $2,400                                               
(12 session package. $100 discount when pre-paid in full. No Hypnosis)
The Passion Test program: (2 session package)
My Services:
Hypnosis & NLP
Certified Health Coach (HealthHacker101)  & Life Coach
Passion Test
Price Per Hour:
Hypnosis, NLP & Life/Business Coach: $150
Certified Health Coach: $295