My hypnosis services assist with:
Learn Self-Hypnosis
Weight Loss: Sheila Granger's 'Virtual Gastric Band' program
Finding Your Passions and Purpose in Life
Hypnosis For Hoarders
Financial Abundance Mindset
Stress Management
Panic/Anxiety Attack Management
Stroke Symptoms Management
Cancer Symptoms Management
Fear Issue Management
PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sleep Aide/Fatigue/Dreams
Experiential Self-Development & Discovery
Stop Smoking: Smoking Cessation *
Health/Pain Management
Confidence Building/Self-Esteem/Removing Shame
Memory Enhancement/Amnesia/Forgetfulness
Sadness/Negative Future/Intrusive Thoughts & Worry
Problem Solving
Anger & Aggression Management
Guided Meditation
Change of Mind Hypnosis
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