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non-smoker, you will have conquered a powerful addiction . . . probably the
most serious, self-imposed threat that now exists to your own well-being.

You're aware of the dangers that smoking poses to your health in the years
ahead. You're also aware that smoking is becoming increasingly
non-acceptable socially. Smoking is not longer the fashionable thing to do.
Where once it was considered glamorous, macho, and sexy to smoke, today
there is social pressure not to smoke!

Even if there wasn't any health risk, smoking still is an offensive, useless
habit, wasteful of both time and money.


Before you quit smoking, you need to make up your mind that you really
want to quit. The success of this program is based in part on the depth of
your commitment to quit. You've got to tell yourself: "I will quit smoking and
there will be no circumstances in which I will ever go back to smoking."  If
you tried to quit before and went back to smoking, don't worry, through
hypnosis you'll stop smoking for good! One of the success secrets of those
who have quit smoking is that they quit on a specific day. For you, that day is
set. You set it when you decide to participate in this 'Becoming A
Non-Smoker' program. The day of your second appointment is the day that
you will quit. You will mark it on your calendar! It will be your day of

You've made up your mind you're going to quit smoking! Just like that. You
will mark it on your calendar; the day you will quit smoking forever!
Regardless of how long you've smoked or how many cigarettes you smoke,
you'll quit smoking because you'll be doing it through hypnosis . . . the
method that above all others, reaches and activates the subconscious mind
and its tremendous power to act on suggestion.

Once your subconscious is contacted and directed on a set course, it does
not deviate from it.

Hypnosis is a simple, and effective method of breaking free from the bonds
of your smoking habit. It is compleetely safe and medically approved.
Contrary to what many people believe, in hypnosis, you won't go to sleep.
Instead, you will experience a sense of well-being, safety, and comfort that
you may never have known.


Your conscious mind is relatively weak. It changes continuously. It creates
many excuses why you should NOT stop.  It says to you:  "You've been
smoking too long to stop.  You deserve at least this small pleasure.  You
really don't smoke so much. You can cut down instead . . . and so on!"

But your subconscious mind is strong! It has great will-power! It is the main
stabilizing force you possess. Once it is set on a certain course of action, it
rarely lets you vary from it. The only truly effective way to reach your
subconscious mind is through hypnosis. Hypnosis will tap the great
will-power of your subconscious mind. Hypnosis will convince it that
smoking is bad for you. When that is done, you can stop with ease and
never long for a smoke again!

Hypnosis will empower you to change your beliefs about yourself. You'll feel
a new sense of approval and self-confidence. It allows you to recognize that
you have the ability to stop smoking. And you will, because you can do what
you recognize that you can do! What your mind can perceive, you can

You will stop smoking for good, and never smoke again. The iron grip of
your subconscious mind will be activated and directed, through the
pleasant and relaxing method of hypnosis, to free you from all desire to


Your commitment to stop smoking and never resume, has to be total before
you commence hypnosis. That is the only requirement for participation in
our Quit-Smoking meeting. Merely wanting to stop smoking is not enough!
You MUST unreservedly commit yourself to stop smoking
NOW! If you
sincerely do that, they your victory over smoking is certain.


If you still have some lingering doubts, as to whether you really want to
become a non-smoker . . . it will help to review the dangers of smoking to
your health. They are so serious that once fully aware of them, no thinking
person will want to continue to inflict this terrible damage on one's self.

The addictive agent is tobacco, nicotine, works through one of the body's
major neurotransmitter systems. It then quickly impairs nerve signal
conduction, memory and other critical functions of this system. It also binds
rapidly to the disease-fighting white blood cells which carry it to practically
all of the body tissues. And along with it are carried over 200 toxic
substances that have now been identified in tobacco. A number of elements
in tar are carcinogenic . . . that is, they produce cancer. These substances
permeate your body and adversely affect its ability to deal with any physical

The Surgeon General's report states: "Cigarette smoking is the major single
cause of cancer death in the United States!"

The large increase in women smokers in recent years has been reflected in
a tragic rise of lung cancer in women. Since 1986, it has replaced breast
cancer as the leading cancer killer of women. Smoking during pregnancy
greatly increases the chances of miscarriage and premature birth. More of
their babies die soon after birth than those of nonsmoking mothers. A
woman on contraceptive pills who also smokes, has a 10 times normal risk
of heart attack and 20 times normal risk of a disabling stroke.

Lung cancer, which has a cure rate of less than 10%, and emphysema, which
cripples the lungs and is irreversible in its effects, are diseases directly
linked to smoking. Heart attacks and hardening of the arteries with resulting
strokes, are other conditions caused by the continuous poisoning of your
body by smoking. On the average, a two-packs-a-day-smoker shortens life
expectancy by 8 years; a one-pack-a-day-smoker by 4 years. Smokers
develop chronic coughs, wheezing, discolored skin and teeth, inability to
taste food flavors, and a whole series of neurological disorders, even if
they escape the more severe killing or disabling effects. And for the means
of inflicting this damage on themselves, they pay several hundred,
sometimes over a thousand dollars a year; money that would otherwise be
available to meet needs or to buy healthy pleasures.

Why does ANYONE want to keep on doing this?

It is because nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in existence.
You may have started smoking on a whim, or because you thought it made
you look grown-up and smart, or because you believed what the tobacco
advertisements said about its relaxing and soothing you in moments of
tension. (The tobacco companies haven't the slightest interest in your
health, or what you do to it. Their only interest is in bigger sales and making
more money). You may have thought you could stop whenever you wanted
to. Only to find that you couldn't because nicotine instills in your body cells a
craving for it!

This is a very important thing to understand. If you've tried to quit smoking
on your own, and failed, it does not mean that you area  person of weak will,
a wimp, unable to take charge of your own life and destiny. The fact that you
have made a commitment to participate in a program is clear evidence that
you do have both determination and the will to turn things around, to free
yourself from addiction to nicotine and to achieve a smoke-free, healthy life!
But, you need help to do it, and hypnosis will give you that help! And if you
are sincere in your commitment to quit, through hypnosis you will be free
forever from any relapse into the grip of smoking.


No matter how long or how much you've smoked, when you stop smoking,
the body starts regenerating. Even if you are a heavy-smoker of long
standing, it is possible to undo much of the damage that smoking has done
to your body. After one year of not smoking, the risk of heart attack for the
average person drops to about the same level as that for an individual who
has never smoked. After five to ten years of abstinence from smoking, the
risk of lung cancer drops to approximately the same as that of a life-long
non-smoker. The overall death rate for people who have abstained for ten
years or longer, is only slightly higher than that of people who have never

So you would be foolish to throw up your hands and say, "It's too late to
change now. It wouldn't improve my chances of survival any." It isn't too late
and your odds of survival are still all in your favor if you make the
commitment to stop smoking. Make it as firmly and irrevocably as you know
how. You must come to the session prepared to quit. If you are truly
committed to success, you will succeed. That is an absolutely essential step
and then hypnosis will make it easy, freeing you from cravings and anxiety.

Hypnosis has been widely and effectively proven over the last thirty years,
as a means of empowering people to stop smoking quickly and permanently.
Hundreds of companies sponsor hypnosis seminars for their employees
who want to quit smoking. Over a million persons have already freed
themselves from slavery to smoking through the help of hypnosis.

Decide now to join them! Be happier and healthier for the rest of your life
which your decision will help to lengthen. With hypnosis, you'll fulfill that
commitment, and quit smoking easily and comfortably.

This information was developed by Dr. John C. Hughes:

Dr. John C. Hughes: A charter member and director of the National Guild of
Hypnotists; Past President of Iowa Chapter #1, Association to Advance
Ethical Hypnosis; Founder and honorary member of the Philippine
Hypnodontics Society; Charter member of the International Hypnological

Dr. Hughes is a prolific writer and is Research Editor for THE JOURNAL OF
HYPNOTISM. In 1964, after establishing a following with health
professionals, he was featured in a documentary film on hypnosis by the
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) which was telecast throughout
Canada and the United Kingdom. He has received national media coverage
for his involvement in cases of painless childbirth, dental surgery and
multiple extractions, and received headlines for officiating at one of the first
successful painless childbirth cases in Illinois.

Dr. Hughes has extensively researched smoking cessation and formulated
this successful program, which is proudly presented under the auspices
The National Guild of Hypnotists, a professional organization established in
1951 and now serving over three thousand members world-wide.

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