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to fulfillment
  • We all affect each other! We have a responsibility to help the other 80%
    discover their passions.

To REALLY live a passionate life requires:  COMMITMENT

What does it take to really LIVE your passions?

  • Create new patters - new neural highways
  • Reinforcement through repetition
  • Teaching The Passion Test is the most powerful way to create miracles

Change Yourself While You Help Others Transform

Teaching the Passion Test process is a fun and powerful way to help you
create miracles in your own life.

What miracles are possible in your life?

  • Could you travel the world?
  • Could you receive millions of dollars?
  • Could you meet your perfect life partner, even if they live on the other
    side of the world?
  • Could you become a NY Times bestselling author?
  • Could you be asked to co-produce a live TV show?
  • What would a miracle be for you?

When you enroll in the Certification Program today, you'll be receiving:

  • 4 days of training to both clarify your own passions and to learn how to
    teach others
  • 1 year of support teleclasses with Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood
    to develop your knowledge and skills
  • A 60+ page manual with outlines for delivering a 3 hour workshop and a
    2 session one-on-one course plus over 100 pages of support materials
  • 2 CDs The Passion Test teleconference to use as a guide
  • DVD to watch Chris and Janet giving The Passion Test to Jack Canfield's
    Transformational Leadership Council
  • Access to Online Support materials to help you in building your Passion
    Test practice
  • Certification to charge a fee for delivering Passion Test workshops and
    one-on-one consultations

Today ONLY you will also receive the following GIFTS . . .

From Enlightened Alliances:
Subscription to The Passion Test Online (value: $197)
'From Sad to Glad' e-book  (value: $10)

PLUS, if paid in full:
  • PT for Ideal Relationships Module
  • 2 tickets to Passionate Life Summit or webcast access for the 3 day event

TOTAL Value of Certification:

  • Passion Test Facilitator's Guide (value:  $497)
  • 4 Day Live Learning Event (value:  $2,497)
  • DVD of Janet and Chris delivering The Passion Test (value:  $197)
  • Monthly Calls Open Only to Certified Facilitators (value:  $1,200)
  • Certification to Teach The Passion Test

TOTAL = $4,301 + $10,000 to 15,000 in EXTRA income per year!

Value of Bonuses:

  • Free admission to the Passionate Life Summit (value:  $397)
  • Passion Test for Ideal Relationships (value:  $247)
  • Passion Test Online Subscription (value:  $197)
  • From Sad to Glad e-book  (value:  $10)

TOTAL Value of Certification and Gifts = $14,300+

Enroll on The Passion Test Website for $3,497
Includes 100 Passion Test books and Alliance Secrets

When You Enroll TODAY . . or $2,497!
(Does Not Include 100 Passion Test Books or Alliance Secrets Program)

It's Your Time . . .  to choose in favor of your Passion!
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